CSIS 330 Assignments

Generally, work will be submitted electronically by:

Unless otherwise specified, programs will be submitted as source code (e.g., p1.py) and written assignments will be submitted in PDF format. For programs consisting of multiple files, programs will be submitted as a compressed archive (e.g., p8.zip or p8.tar.gz). No handwritten work will be accepted.

Ensure that you comply with the following for each file of your source code or PDF:

New assignments are added as the semester progresses. Check back often.

Assigned Due Date Assignment
Weekly See schedule Engineering Your Soul (EYS)
Read the assigned reading and participate as directed on the course syllabus page.
8/30 9/7 Assignment 1 (individual) Application Evaluation
8/30 9/21 Assignment 2 (individual) Preliminary Design
9/6 9/28 Assignment 3 (individual) Finding UI Keyholes
9/13 10/3 Assignment 4 (individual) Full Design & Specification
9/20 10/19 Assignment 5 (team) Paper Prototype & Test
10/4 10/26 Assignment 6 (team) Medium Fidelity Prototype
10/11 11/9 Assignment 7 (team) Usability Testing
10/16 11/16 Assignment 8 (team) Re-design, Implement, Re-evaluate
10/25 12/1 Assignment 9 (team) Formal Experiment, Part 1 (new partners)
10/25 12/8 Assignment 10 (team) Formal Experiment, Part 2 (new partners)

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